The Changelog shows each update. The Changelog is split into each Version (e.g. a Version 1 changelog and a Version 2 changelog are 2 different pages). It is also split between each game edition. (e.g. The PC Edition [Kalashnikov Edition] and the XBOX edition [Degtyaryov Edition] have different chnagelogs). For the PC Version 1 changelog, it is Kv0.0.0a [K = Kalashnikov | v = Version | a = Alpha]. For the XBOX Version 1 changelog, it is Dv0.0.0a [D = Degtyaryov | v = Version | a = Alpha].

Game Editions Edit

The PC edition, or Kalashnikov Edition, will be released first. The XBOX edition, or Degtyaryov Edition, is planned to be released after that. Then a mobile edition, or Mosin Edition, will possibly released after the XBOX edition.

The Kalashnikov Edition is named after Russian Mikhail Kalashnikov, the designer of the Kalashnikov rifles, e.g. the AK-47.

The Degtyaryov Edition is named after Russian Vasily Degtyaryov, the designer of the DP-27 [DP-28 is often misused in the Western World].

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