There is currently 2 maps in progress.

Version = Kv0.0.1a

Factories Edit

Factories is A.I.'s first map and can be viewed at: At the front of the map, there is a container ship and further on land a crane. There is also 2 warehouses on the left and a container-warehouse with trucks on the right. In the right corner there is an FP gas station and a trench. On the right there is 2 factory buildings. The map is in a snowy terrain. Since = Kv0.0.11a

Mevaar Edit

Mevaar is A.I.'s second map that is in the process of building. The map is in a desert terrain. Since = Kv0.0.12a

Mall Edit

Mall is a planned A.I. map. It does not include a terrain but is set in a mall.

Tavor Edit

Tavor/Tavoor is a planned A.I. map. It will be a construction/metropolis/apocalypse styled map. The terrain is light desert.

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