When Agatational Intensity comes into a open alpha, there will be 6 game modes: KOTH (King of the Hill), FLDO (Flare Domination), CATF (Capture The Flag), KICO (Kill Confirmed), TDM (Team Deathmatch), and EFTH (Escape from the Hill). A planned mode is EFTI (Escape from the Infected).


King of the Hill is a match where each team fights for control over the hill, which is marked by an H. When one team has a hill, it will drop the other team's "health bar" down by 1. It takes 10 seconds to capture the hill. Each team has 250 health and the match will last for 10 minutes. If your team kills an enemy, the enemy team's "health" will go down by 2. The match ends by either one team losing (Lost all 250 "health") or the 10 minutes are over, which leads to a "Stalemate".


Flare Domination has 4 "hills" which you need to control. To control it, you must take it by standing on the hill for 5 seconds. If you die or an enemy is also on the hill, the "capture bar" will not go up. If you own a hill, the enemy team's "health" will decrease by 1. If you own all 4, the enemy team's "health" will decrease by 4. If you kill an enemy, it will decrease by 2. Once you capture a hill, a flare goes off into the air with either colour of your team. The match lasts 8 minutes and will end by either one team losing all 250 "health" or a "Stalemate" happens when the 8 minutes are over.


In Capture the Flag you have to go to the other team's base, pick up their flag and bring it back to your base. But be quick, after 5 seconds you will be alerted to the other team. If you make it back to your base and return the flag, your team gets a point. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the match, which is 8 minutes, they win.


In Kill Confirmed your team starts off at 250 "health". Like TDM, every kill is worth -2 "health". But, once you kill someone, they drop a transparent gun which you need to pick up (or 'confirm your kill') to take away the other team's "health". The match ends when either one team loses or a "Stalemate" occurs after 10 minutes.

TDM Edit

In Team Deathmatch each team starts off at 250 "health". You need to kill as many enemies as possible since one kill is equal to -2 "health" for the enemy. The match ends when either one team loses or a "Stalemate" occurs after 10 minutes.


Escape from the Hill is a A.I. special game mode. 5 players are chosen to be the "Hunters" on the Coalition (Orange) side. [For this reason, do not play this on dead servers] The rest of the server is spawned in the center of the map, on the hill (not the KOTH hill or the FLDO hills) and you must run away. Hunters are given SV-98Ms and AK-15s while Survivors are given RM870s and AK-74s. Escape points are put around the map for Survivors to escape from. For Survivors to win they must have at least 1 member escape; for Hunters every Survivor must die. If neither wins before the 5 minutes are up, then it's a "Stalemate".

EFTI (Upcoming) Edit

Escape from the Infected is a planned A.I. special game mode. It will be available only during the Halloween Event (October 1 - October 31). 3 players are chosen to be the "Infected" on the Coalition (Orange) side. The rest of the server is spawned on the EPTH hill. The Infected's goal/way to win is to infect everyone by killing survivor. Instead of the Survivors just surviving, they have to capture the KOTH hill and the FLDO hills. Once all captured, the Survivors escape from being Infected and win. If the 8 minutes are up, the Infected win. Survivors are given AK-104s and a MAC-10. The Infected are given an Infection Blade {#110*123}. If the Survivors win, they get new melees which change every year. If the Infected win, they are given an Infection Blade.

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