The Veaction is a fictional knife based off of the Karambit. The name "Veaction" comes from the Fandom URL, where it says '?veaction=edit', etc.

Code = {#000*001}

Since = Kv0.0.12a


Accuracy Edit

The accuracy of the Veaction is at an average of 70/100. It is extremely accurate and therefore can explain why it is hard to get the Veaction.

Damage Edit

The Veaction deals on average 45/100 damage. For headshots, it can do around 58/100 damage.

Speed Edit

The Veaction is extremely quick, and swings at the enemy for 3 seconds.

Getting Edit

To get the Veaction, you need to first be awarded the "V-Action" badge for killing 100 players with a knife in one match of TDM. It will award you the Veaction as well as the badge.

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